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Go Geraldine Membership

Members - Great reasons to join Go Geraldine

Go Geraldine is an organisation working for the overall success of our Town.  The objectives of Go Geraldine are to:
  • Develop and promote the Geraldine district, including the rural communities, as a vibrant place in which to live, work, play and stay. This includes all business, cultural, social, recreational, amenities and attractions available in the Geraldine District and surrounding area.
  • To assist in establishing, building and encouraging a strong and healthy business environment in the wider Geraldine district, where locals support locals for the common good.
  • Representation. We are the only member funded organisation focused solely on the interests of Geraldine.  With over 100 members we represent a broad cross section of our community.  The members of the Go Geraldine Board live and work in Geraldine.  Who better to work for Geraldine than locals who know about and care for the community?
  • Networking.  Meet new contacts, ranging from individuals to business owners from other parts of the Geraldine community, at our Business at Six (B@6) meetings held four times each year.  Connect with others and reap the benefits.
  • Strength in numbers.  Go Geraldine is able to represent its membership, speaking with a collective voice and advocating for the membership, on topics of interest or concern to the Community Board, Timaru District Council and other bodies.
  • Credibility.  Being a member of Go Geraldine and displaying the membership sticker in your organisation provides you with credibility and respect as customers can see you are actively contributing to the ongoing development of a vibrant and interesting town.
  • Keep Informed.  Go Geraldine keeps you in touch with news and information, via a bi-monthly newsletter, fortnightly Buzz News sheet and regular topical emails.  Make sure you know what is happening around town and beyond – it could affect you and your organisation.
  • Promotion.  One of Go Geraldine’s aims is to promote the town and its members both externally and internally.  We do this in a number of ways from our one-stop website to our marquee at the Christchurch A&P show and many other ways in between.  Learn more on the Benefits Sheet.

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