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History & Achievements

Go Geraldine - Our History & Achievements

The founding footsteps of Go Geraldine date back to around 1935 when the Geraldine Businessmen’s Association was formed.  As times changed, bringing women into the business arena, the name was changed to the Geraldine Business and Promotions Association.  More recently, it was felt that the Association should be inclusive of all members of the community, not just businesses and the present day name of the Geraldine District Development and Promotion Association came about.

The Association is an incorporated society and registered with the Companies Office of New Zealand.  Following the new millennium the Association developed the Go Geraldine branding to represent their activities in a positive, accessible manner.

Today, Geraldine is a town that enjoys a vibrant, lively culture, drawing people from around New Zealand and the world.  The town exudes a charm that has seen Lonely Planet rightly describe it as the ‘loveliest town in New Zealand’.  Indeed, more than one visitor has passed through the town only to be so captivated they have returned to become residents – a high compliment indeed.

Go Geraldine is very proud of the contribution that the Association has made to towards this unique culture by actively working to meet its goals.  Our recent achievements include:
  • Resurrecting the defunct Christmas Parade; now such a popular event that people travel from across the region to attend
  • Organising and hosting the biennial Community Awards to recognise the amazing efforts of the many people in this town who go out of their way to give back to the community
  • Identifying the need for and developing the concept of an Events Coordinator for Geraldine.  Providing support to other bodies within Geraldine for the formation and subsequent creation of the Events Geraldine Board which employs the Geraldine Events Coordinator
  • Lobbying on behalf of the town to:
    • The Roads Board and Timaru District Council (TDC) for the Orari bridge to become 2 lanes
    • The Community Board and Council for the directional signage, now on Coach road and on SH79 prior to Tiplady Road.  This is helping overcome the effects of GPS redirecting traffic away from the town
    • TDC to install a campervan dump site in the town (installed late 2013)
    • Have town Christmas decorations on an annual process
    • For cycleways and walkways around the town
  • Organising and hosting a large marquee each year at the very popular Canterbury A&P Show to promote the town to over 100,000 visitors passing through the show
  • Undertaking “Shop Local” campaigns to promote local spending in the town.  The first campaign run in 2009, as a direct response to the economic downturn, received national recognition.  The 2014 campaign saw an extra spend of $150,000 (minimum) being generated for the town
  • Hosting films crews and journalists interested in covering our town in a variety of programmes and publications
  • Featuring on the Campbell Live programme to highlight the problem of Sat Nav systems directing visitors away from Geraldine


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