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Our Current Sponsors

Go Geraldine is funded through membership and sponsorship.  We are very grateful to our generous sponsors for their support of Go Geraldine.  We encourage the members of Go Geraldine and of the wider Geraldine community to support our sponsors.  By supporting those that support us we not only show our appreciation but build on a foundation of local trading and support that has many on-flow benefits for all of us.

Each of our sponsors are valued members of Go Geraldine team.  We are all working to establish, build and encourage a strong and vibrant community in the wider Geraldine district, where locals support locals for the common good.  Please support us, as a member, to support those that provide the funding that enables us to continue our good work in the Geraldine community.

Many thanks to our proud sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

Barkers of Geraldine

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Gold Sponsors - Go Geraldine Christmas Parade

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